Thursday, June 28, 2012

Simple Snack: Radishes on Buttered Bread

I've been getting all kinds of goodies in my CSA pickup, including radishes; just picked, covered in dirt, fresh-as-they-come, radishes.  I can't say I've ever paid much attention to radishes.  They appear in salads, looking rather pretty with their magenta exterior.  They're slightly peppery, crisp, and like most other salad components, they marry well with their surroundings.  But I've come up with another one of those simple snack ideas I find myself making absentmindedly.  It showcases those pretty pink radishes you too might find yourself in the company of.  This simple snack carries me through the lull between breakfast and lunch.  There's something comforting about it, good bread smeared with good butter and crisp radishes soaking up sea salt.  It feels very French to me.  And while eating this hunched over your kitchen counter is sufficient, I could imagine something more civilized like serving it as an appetizer and sipping on wine.  Little crostini versions come to mind.

I'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow for ten glorious days.  It's a last minute trip that came together unexpectedly and beautifully.  It requires a proper write up that unfortunately I don't have time for at the moment.  I have a lengthy to-do list, a backpack that needs packing, and food to make for the plane ride over.  These biscuits are definitely coming for breakfast.  And I'm thinking black lentils, brown rice, and avocado for lunch.  Please pardon my absence for a little while.  In the meantime, I hope you'll accept my radishes as a parting gift ;) Or perhaps these flowers?  We'll catch up soon.  Enjoy some radishes, flowers, or whatever tickles your fancy.  Until next time.  I'll be back with lots of photos on where I've been and what I've been up to.

~Radish on Buttered Bread Recipe~

Smear butter on sourdough/multi-grain bread.  Use the best bread you can find.  Cover with sliced radishes.  Sprinkle with sea salt and top with fresh-snipped chives.  Make as few or as many as you like. 


Eileen said...

Hooray radishes--and hooray spontaneous vacation! we're taking a spontaneous vacation ourselves next week--just got tickets last night. :) Have a great & relaxing time!

Clair said...

I have such a weird relationship with radishes. I always think I will like them more than I actually do. Butter might be just the thing to balance them out though.

Have fun on vacation!!

Inside a British Mum's Kitchen said...

thank you for this wonderful idea! I would never have thought of putting radishes on buttered bread - but I have both in my fridge! - perfect :)
Mary x